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Vintage 50’s Magnolia and a fitting Kitchen Green

This kitchen, at a busy family home in Ammanford, was in need of a face lift. Installed at the same time as the house was built around 20 years ago, it was well made with solid doors and didn’t need to be replaced.┬áTo record the process from start to finish I set up a time lapse camera, although there were some other trade coming … Read More Vintage 50’s Magnolia and a fitting Kitchen Green

Traditional Limewash and Linseed Oil Paint

Traditional stone built houses should be cared for slightly differently if you want them to be kept in best condition. You can read some details on our Traditional Decorating service page but to summarize the most important factor is to allow the buildings to ‘breathe’. Constructed with lime mortar and finished with lime plaster/render, Limewash is the perfect finish for your traditional home. But … Read More Traditional Limewash and Linseed Oil Paint

A Different Kind of Paint

After reading this post if you would like an update on the paint click this link here Sometimes a client will ask for a product that we have not used before and sometimes not heard of. kt.COLOR is a highly specialised manufacturer of fine paints for interiors, located near Zurich. They use pure artists pigments to create 106 colours and have exclusive rights to … Read More A Different Kind of Paint