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Painted Pine Chairs

Your old pine chairs are still perfectly useful and functional, but if your looking to update your pine furniture and they be turned into painted pine chairs and matched to other pieces of furniture. Of course they can and that is what I was asked to do by a customer in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.   They were purchasing a new dining table from Neptune and wanted … Read More Painted Pine Chairs

Hand Painted Kitchen Porthcawl

This article also appeared on Traditional Painter written by Matthew Evans We were approached last year to hand paint a kitchen in Porthcawl, near Bridgend, South Wales. The kitchen having little natural daylight required a little brightening up, with a lot of interesting colours and textures between the stone flooring and tiles and after sampling a limed wax finish a neutral shade in the form … Read More Hand Painted Kitchen Porthcawl

Historical Lincrusta Restoration

We are not joking when we say that Lincrusta has high durability, there are countless examples dating back into the nineteenth century. But accidents do happen and repairs are sometimes needed, unfortunately not all the pattern rollers survive and a historic pattern would cost thousands to hand engrave a new steel roller with the original design. Small chipped area can be repaired with a … Read More Historical Lincrusta Restoration

Traditional Limewash and Linseed Oil Paint

Traditional stone built houses should be cared for slightly differently if you want them to be kept in best condition. You can read some details on our Traditional Decorating service page but to summarize the most important factor is to allow the buildings to ‘breathe’. Constructed with lime mortar and finished with lime plaster/render, Limewash is the perfect finish for your traditional home. But … Read More Traditional Limewash and Linseed Oil Paint

St Teilo’s Church and more at St Fagans Cardiff

I once had the pleasure to carry out some work at St Fagans Museum in Cardiff. Here there was a rebuilt church, taken from Pontarddulais by the Loughor Estuary. Help was needed to recreate the interior to how it was and could have been in the 16th centuary. With colourful wall paintings and decorative gilding on the rood screen and loft. Along with Marc … Read More St Teilo’s Church and more at St Fagans Cardiff

Exterior Painting and Birds

Something that we come across every year when painting and maintaining the externals of property are birds. A lot of the time we are asked to remove nests because they ‘look unsightly’ or ‘the birds cause a mess’ but this doesn’t have to be the case. The UK is home to over 250 species of birds and we have to remember that we are … Read More Exterior Painting and Birds

Sliding Sash Maintenance

The clue is in the title, if the sash doesn’t slide then its not a sliding sash. Not everything goes to paln 100% of the time, recently we were decorating the internal of a building that had new sliding sash windows fitted (about 2 years ago) decorated externally, but were left for the scheme of the room to be decided before any finish bar … Read More Sliding Sash Maintenance

A Different Kind of Paint

After reading this post if you would like an update on the paint click this link here Sometimes a client will ask for a product that we have not used before and sometimes not heard of. kt.COLOR is a highly specialised manufacturer of fine paints for interiors, located near Zurich. They use pure artists pigments to create 106 colours and have exclusive rights to … Read More A Different Kind of Paint