Wallpaper comes in a variety of form lengths and finishes so don’t think you are limited in style, the only limit is how much imagination you have.

Hanging wallpaper can be a tricky business especially if you have complicated ares in a room and since you can spend very easily upwards of £50 in some cases £1000’s a length it can pay for a professional to apply it.

Usually supplied on rolls 10 meters long, some papers are supplied in a single drop or panel, but they all have one thing in common and that is to decorate a surface. Some papers, lining paper for example, are considered preparation papers and are usually used to prepare a surface, they will even out porosity and are rarely used as a finishing product.

Finishing papers can be used to create an illusion in a room, using a small patterned paper can make a room look larger, alternatively using a large pattern can make a room look smaller. It is the same effect with colours, but at the same time you are not limited to decorating an entire room, one or even two feature walls have become very popular in recent years. Design does not stop here, paper can be used in a single length on a wall, to enhance a ceiling, as a display or working surface for notes. Most good manufacturers carry a range of plain papers to match to their patterned papers so you can create a seamless change from pattern to colour to enhance your living or work space.

We can supply you with sample books and help guide you in the right direction. We can also offer a Mural and Custom Design Service where you can create the exact pattern and colour range that you need for your home. This bespoke service will give your room a unique look that will be the envy of everyone.

Get in touch if you are interested in more information, samples or a quote for work. We can even simply supply you with wallpaper and give you our expert advise to find the best match for your needs if required.

Contact us on 07528 467 284 or email us at mail@welshheritagedecor.co.uk

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