Do you currently have Lincrusta in your home but need it repairing or rejuvenating? Welsh Heritage Decor can help with Lincrusta installation and repairs.

Unrivalled with exceptional durability and deeply embossed patterns Lincrusta is a British product completely made in the UK. As one of a few approved Lincrusta installers in Wales we are extremely proud of the company’s heritage and the opportunity to be connected with them.

This unique wall covering was launched in 1877 to instant success in a host of applications from royal homes to railway carriages. Invented by Frederick Walton whose father pioneered linoleum floor covering in the 1860´s.

Originally launched as “Linoleum Muralis”, it was subsequently re-named “Lincrusta-Walton” − Lin for Linum and Crusta (relief), with the inventor´s name being added to prevent other firms using the same title.

With wallcoverings, friezes, dado’s and boarders choosing the pattern is just the start. Lincrusta’s unique production process lends itself to a large variety of decorative effects. All of which can just be painted out at a later date should you wish.

Its high durability means its perfect for high traffic area such as hallways and stairs even commercial premises like hotel foyers, pubs and shops. When the time comes for a refurbishment, Lincrusta can be repainted inline with the latest trends.

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