For many years decorators have had the ability to create impressions of natural materials including wood and marble. The benefit of this is usually one of cost of true materials, availability as many marble and some woods are either no longer mined or endangered, or to create something more consistent with the setting as custom colours can be used.

While this ‘faux effect’ has fallen somewhat out of fashion the skills are still alive and believe it or not you many have come across some marbling or graining and not realized such is the effect when carried out by a disciplined craftsman.

This craft can be carried out on any surface that can be painted and can be created to suit your needs. Traditionally you will see graining examples of doors, paneling, skirting’s etc, all wooded items but grained to look like more expensive/unique items. Marbling is usually carried out on columns, fire surrounds but not uncommon on skirting and wall panels too.

Many tired surfaces can be given a new lease of life when graining or marbling is used.

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