Gilding involves the application of a metal leaf to a surface to create an imitation or effect, most notably Gold leaf is used although silver, Copper, Platinum and imitations are also available. Gold Leaf is made by hammering gold untill it is around 1/250,000 of an inch thick, these are cut into squares or strips and sold in books or rolls. Gilding can be carried out with a variety of what is known as ‘size’ an adhesive used to fix the leaf to a surface.

These can range from oil, gelatine, varnish even egg and water, all have different properties and are suitable in different situations. The size is applied to a suitably prepared surface allowed to go tacky and the leaf is applied with a gilders tip. Once the surface is completely covered a gilders mop can be used to gently burnish away the loose gold and polish the surface. Surfaces can be double gilded for depth and durability. Genuine gold leaf is unrivaled for its lustre and can out last any gold paint available, Although it is not an inexpensive process it should not need redecoration for a very long time. Gilding can be applied on almost any surface plaster, wood, metal even glass, it can be used in signwriting or on the beading of paneling. If you have any queries get in touch and we can help or quote on some work you require.

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