Hand Painted Kitchens

We are pleased to be able to offer all our customers the opportunity to transform your kitchen into a Hand Painted Kitchen. Bring it up to date with a new colour or paint effect.

This works really well on wooden kitchen cupboards and Basic CMYKdoors but almost any type of kitchen can be transformed by refurbishing, repainting and fitting new door furniture.

This service is not just for old tired ‘in need of an update’ kitchen, the same procedures can be used for a newly installed or reclaimed kitchen. With a huge range of paints and effects available we can advise you on the best course of action for your needs and as Dulux Select Decorators we might use a lot of Dulux Trade products but still offer our customers the best products for their home including Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Little Greene, Fiddes Wax and Wood Finishes, Sikkens, Dulux Trade, Earthborn, Fired Earth, Zoffany, Sanderson and more

Repainted Neptune Kitchen

Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper comes in a variety of form lengths and finishes so don’t think you are limited in style, the only limit is how much imagination you have.

Hanging wallpaper can be a tricky business especially if you have complicated ares in a room and since you can spend very easily upwards of £50 in some cases £1000’s a length it can pay for a professional to apply it.

Bedroom Wallpaper

Usually supplied on rolls 10 meters long, some papers are supplied in a single drop or panel, but they all have one thing in common and that is to decorate a surface. Some papers, lining paper for example, are considered preparation papers and are usually used to prepare a surface, they will even out porosity and are rarely used as a finishing product but can be painted.

Finishing papers can be used to create an illusion in a room, using a small patterned paper can make a room look larger, alternatively using a large pattern can make a room look smaller. It is the same effect with colours, but you are not limited to decorating an entire room, one or even two feature walls have become very popular in recent years. Design does not stop here, paper can be used in a single length on a wall, to enhance a ceiling, as a display or working surface for notes and drawing. Most good manufacturers carry a range of plain papers to match to their patterned papers so you can create a seamless change from pattern to colour to enhance your living or work space.

We can supply you with sample books and help guide you in the right direction. We can also offer a Mural and Custom Design Service where you can create the exact pattern and colour range that you need for your home. This bespoke service will give your room a unique look that will be the envy of everyone.

Get in touch if you are interested in more information, samples or a quote for work. We can even simply supply you with wallpaper and give you our expert advise to find the best match for your needs if required.

Painted Furniture

We also offer a furniture painting service over South Wales which can transform your old, tired and outdated looking items into desirable pieces for your home once again.

Of course colours can be matched to newly acquired kitchens or furniture. Sometimes that chest of drawers or dresser is just the right size but no longer works with your decor.

Distressed Chalk PaintHand Painted Furniture from Swansea to Cardiff

This was an old and tired looking item of furniture from Swansea which definitely needed a new lease of life. The owner didn’t want to part with it for sentimental reasons, but it was no longer suiting her decor choices so she came to us for ideas.  This was the finished piece, we painted the shell and took inspiration from the room it was going into. The addition of the wallpaper on the draws gives this chest of draws a uniqueness.

We can finish in a traditional brushed method or for more complicated items we are happy to spray for a super smooth finish. A straight painted finish gives very clean lines but if you like to distressed look then we can provide a professional finish with top quality products. Items can be collected, prepared and painted in our dedicated workshop and delivered back to you. Most of all minimising mess and disruption in your home.

From painted rocking chairs to painted nursery furniture

This old, lovely and ornate item of furniture was in a pretty bad state. Having been left in a garage for 20+ years in damp and wet conditions, crying out to be used again. It’s owner in Bridgend really didn’t want to throw it away but didn’t know if it could be saved and brought back to life. The top was kept as the original wood and the rest painted, as a result it really does work well.


Gilding involves the application of a metal leaf to a surface to create an imitation or effect, most notably Gold leaf is used although silver, Copper, Platinum and imitations are also available. Gold Leaf is made by hammering gold untill it is around 1/250,000 of an inch thick, these are cut into squares or strips and sold in books or rolls. Gilding can be carried out with a variety of what is known as ‘size’ an adhesive used to fix the leaf to a surface.

These can range from oil, gelatine, varnish even egg and water, all have different properties and are suitable in different situations. The size is applied to a suitably prepared surface allowed to go tacky and the leaf is applied with a gilders tip. Once the surface is completely covered a gilders mop can be used to gently burnish away the loose gold and polish the surface. Surfaces can be double gilded for depth and durability. Genuine gold leaf is unrivaled for its lustre and can out last any gold paint available, Although it is not an inexpensive process it should not need redecoration for a very long time. Gilding can be applied on almost any surface plaster, wood, metal even glass, it can be used in signwriting or on the beading of paneling. If you have any queries get in touch and we can help or quote on some work you require.

Gold Leaf Gilded Gates


Do you currently have Lincrusta in your home but need it repairing or rejuvenating? Welsh Heritage Decor can help with Lincrusta installation and repairs.

Unrivalled with exceptional durability and deeply embossed patterns Lincrusta is a British product completely made in the UK. As one of a few approved Lincrusta installers in Wales we are extremely proud of the company’s heritage and the opportunity to be connected with them.

This unique wall covering was launched in 1877 to instant success in a host of applications from royal homes to railway carriages. Invented by Frederick Walton whose father pioneered linoleum floor covering in the 1860´s.Lincrusta Art Nouveau Staircase

Originally launched as “Linoleum Muralis”, it was subsequently re-named “Lincrusta-Walton” − Lin for Linum and Crusta (relief), with the inventor´s name being added to prevent other firms using the same title.

With wallcoverings, friezes, dado’s and boarders choosing the pattern is just the start. Lincrusta’s unique production process lends itself to a large variety of decorative effects. All of which can just be painted out at a later date should you wish.

Its high durability means its perfect for high traffic area such as hallways and stairs even commercial premises like hotel foyers, pubs and shops. When the time comes for a refurbishment, Lincrusta can be repainted inline with the latest trends.


For a no obligation quote to install Lincrusta in your home or project by South Wales premier approved installer

Traditional Decorating

You have probably seen them on TV, books, in quaint villages maybe in one of the open air museums. The Traditional building, Cottage’s, old farmhouse, miner’s cottage call them what you will they have a look and feel that is hugely comforting and homely. A traditional decorating style easily recognized and attractive, these traditional buildings are part of our heritage and should be conserved as part of our history.

I am not just talking about listed buildings the ones that obviously need to be treated gently and with respect but the average building of the same nature of which in Wales alone account for nearly one third of the housing stock (Half a million homes) and you might be living in one right now.

Farmhouse Dining Room

The basic fact is that nearly all these buildings have a solid wall construction with lime mortar free of a damp course or wall cavity, built almost straight on the ground and the overruling factor about a traditional building is its need to ‘breathe’ to be able to allow moisture to pass through its structure without barriers which would allow it to settle and cause problems.

Many people reading this may have experienced a traditional solid wall building and will instantly react and say they are terribly damp, cold places that need a lot of work and cost a fortune to heat. This is only true of building that have been mistreated to some degree by misunderstanding of the materials required to solve the problem. A lot of modern cement, gypsum based products even paint and wallpaper do not allow moisture to pass through , they do not breathe.

As a result this moisture then builds up and is forced to another area, this can then be seen visually or in a worse case scenario slowly deteriorate a building from the inside out and by the time you realize then you have major work on your hands. Dampness is caused from a wide ranging number of issues, from a higher external ground level, badly fitted windows to a leaky gutter, it is not something that can be diagnosed over the phone or from a moisture meter reading.

The natural reation should you have a damp problem and invite a builder round to assess the situation, they take a meter reading deduce rising damp and recommend any form of tanking or bitumen without looking outside or elsewhere to find a problem, I advise you show them the door as they are not going to solve anything but merely hide an ongoing issue. Lime plaster, various clays, limewash and distemper all act in the same manner allowing the building to breathe and help maintain a balanced home. These products can be made up or bought off the shelf, but they do need to be treated in a slightly different way than their modern counterparts.
Linseed oil painted refurbished window in South Wales

What we can offer you is our knowledge and experience of traditional materials. Of course we can redecorate or property with traditional materials but we can also supply or even make up traditional paints for you to use yourselves. Limewash and linseed oil paint can be supplied at request and can  also be tinted.

We can also help with the assessment of a building and what course of action needs to be taken or we can put you in touch with a host of people that will be able to help fix any problem in the correct manner. An important part of an old building is its windows and doors something that if maintained can last hundreds of years and we can help repair damaged timber to help maintain the appearance and look of a building

Graining and Marbling

For many years decorators have had the ability to create impressions of natural materials including wood and marble. The benefit of this is usually one of cost of true materials, availability as many marble and some woods are either no longer mined or endangered, or to create something more consistent with the setting as custom colours can be used.

While this ‘faux effect’ has fallen somewhat out of fashion the skills are still alive and believe it or not you many have come across some marbling or graining and not realized such is the effect when carried out by a disciplined craftsman.

This craft can be carried out on any surface that can be painted and can be created to suit your needs. Traditionally you will see graining examples of doors, paneling, skirting’s etc, all wooded items but grained to look like more expensive/unique items. Marbling is usually carried out on columns, fire surrounds but not uncommon on skirting and wall panels too.

Many tired surfaces can be given a new lease of life when graining or marbling is used.

Contact us on 07528 467 284 or email us at mail@welshheritagedecor.co.uk

    Wood Grained Handrail

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