Category: South Wales

Unseen View

A enjoyment of mine that I get the benefit of sometimes is just looking at landscapes from a different perspective one that is often enjoyed when scaffolding is used. The point of view is always going to be different from any changed location, this plus the fact that the image I take in might not have been looked at in the same way as … Read More Unseen View

Where does the time go?

It is certainly that time of year where everything seems to come at once, weather, garden, work! Its good to keep busy but sometimes a struggle to fit everything in, like posting a blog. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sorting out storage in the garden for work supplies and to keep things generally tidy, now I am not a builder but … Read More Where does the time go?

Abbeyfield House, Llandeilo

Recently¬†we had the opportunity to work on this listed residential building in Llandeilo. Everything needed coating from the gutters to the render. The current condition was not perfect, flaking paint, some rotten window sills and the lime render hadn’t been¬†touched in years. We scraped, rubbed back, filled where possible and had a local joiner to repair the areas that were too badly damaged. Once … Read More Abbeyfield House, Llandeilo