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Painted DH Design

While working at Dumfries House I was given the opportunity to paint the Dumfries House emblem in the newly build visitors centre. Even though the majority of my decoration work is in South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea area it is nice to be given the opportunity to travel and see some new parts of the country. [huge_it_gallery id=”8″]   I was extremely happy to do … Read More Painted DH Design

Decorative Panel for Prince’s Foundation

For the 2013 Live Build the Princes Foundation had a woodland shelter built in the new arboretum of Dumfries House in Ayrshire. During the process I took time-lapse footage of the marking out and painting procedure of one of the decorative panels, the design was inspired from the trees and foliage in the arboretum and features a quote from the popular poet Robert Burns … Read More Decorative Panel for Prince’s Foundation

Summer School Craft Week

This week has been more involved with traditional craft skills including Stonemasonry, Thatching, Timer Framing, Pargetting and Wattle and Daub. Met some great people, learned some new skills and it never ceases to amaze me how your can find similarities between different trades. Take a look at the pictures but if you’d like to read more take a look here I’m just writing up … Read More Summer School Craft Week

Princes Foundation Summer School Week 1

This Post first appeared on So the first week with the Princes Foundation is over and its been tiring, interesting, educational, inspiring, early starts, late finishes, new experiences and many other verbs that I just couldn’t list right now. We started off on the first day with a couple of introductions to people and topics, with the general agenda for the next few … Read More Princes Foundation Summer School Week 1