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What is in a Kitchen Painting Toolbox

Ok, this might not be a specific kitchen painting toolbox but I do take it on every kitchen painting job I do in South Wales. It just so happens that it comes on every job I do regardless. The tools are also not permanent, some fall out of favour, some become much loved and refuse to leave, some look like bits of rubbish but … Read More What is in a Kitchen Painting Toolbox

That time again

Every once in a while you notice your little stock pile getting lower and lower. You can either wait untill the last minute when you’re ‘running on empty’ or take the bull by the horns and commit yourself the one of the essentials of business. Business cards of course! Over the years I have had a couple from the bog standard one on the … Read More That time again

Welsh Heritage Forum

During a SPAB technical day at the Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, I sat quietly listening to the fascinating speakers on welsh architecture, traditions, roofing, walling and individuals projects. Only to come to the conclusion that although most of the people here were singing from the same hymn book, there was not a lot of communication between everyone. Coming away at the end of … Read More Welsh Heritage Forum