Your old pine chairs are still perfectly useful and functional, but if your looking to update your pine furniture and they be turned into painted pine chairs and matched to other pieces of furniture. Of course they can and that is what I was asked to do by a customer in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.



They were purchasing a new dining table from Neptune and wanted their current dining chairs to match, painted in their French Grey. It is pretty straight forward painting pine chairs and furniture, but without patience and some skill the finish can stand out next to a factory finished piece of furniture.

As we were painting pine chairs and matching a colour and finish to a table they were going to be located directly next to, using the same paint would continue the finish and colour seamlessly. Having not used Neptune paint before and very little information on their website I had to get my hands on some before I could see how it was going to perform.



Getting your Painted Pine Chairs

Once the paint was here and after some test panels I was quite happy that it was going to perform well. It took a bit of scratching before marking, levelled off well and flowed smoothly of my 7 year old PAL Legend brushes. It also adhered well to my Sikkens BL primer that I tested it on, being a very good quality water based primer that sticks extremely well to prepared surfaces. So it was time to get these orange pine chairs transformed to painted pine chairs.


The full painting process is very similar to that of my hand painted kitchens, which is a great way of updating your kitchen and less disruptive then refitting.

As you can see they sit beautifully with the factory table and make a big difference to the overall look of the room. Painted pine chairs and furniture can give a new lease of life to you home. It also means that your painted furniture is bespoke to you and your interior.

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