One of the great things about hand painted furniture is how you end up saving and reusing a perfectly good piece of furniture even if it has been abandoned and forgotten about for years. This well built wood unit with two drawers and cupboard was in a cold, wet, garage for over 20 years, functioning perfectly well as a storage unit.
Cleaning furniture for painting

There was a little easing needed on the drawers and the doors for the cupboard have seen better days, with the hinges seized and veneer delaminating. The doors and handles were removed and saved for another time, but right now it was necessary to clean everything down and get to sanding before even thinking about hand painting this furniture.

The first clean down with Krud Kutter’s Gloss Off* removed a lot of grime and wax that had accumulated and we were ready with the Festool Rotex 90 to sand everything back to a sound surface, you can see the change starting in the image above. This is one of the best parts as things start to clean up and you can visualise how the hand painted furniture is going to turn out.

Sanding over with we can get to priming and filling, it was decided to leave the top as it was for now and not to reattach the doors. For the priming Tikkurila Otex was used which gives great opacity and adhesion much like Zinsser Cover Stain, also it gives a great surface to sand smooth. The colour was always going to be neutral, and inspiration was taken from a popular designer colour range.

Hand painted furniture Swansea

It really is a transformation I’m sure you’d agree, for now the top has been finished with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil so I can see how well it performs before recommending it, and new handles attached. For a quote on hand painting your furniture in Swansea, South Wales get in touch by email or cal 07528 467 284



What does * mean? – if you click on a * link and go through to MypaintBrush and make a purchase, you will pay the same competitive price as all other visitors but I make a small commission for referring you to the MPB site


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