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Not everyone is so sure as to how a hand painted kitchen will look once it is complete, colours are often difficult to imagine over broad areas and many will not have come across a high quality brush finish before.

After receiving some images through email (some tips right here) the owners of this kitchen in Aberdare were planning to move in a few years time and didn’t want to go through the expense and disruption of a new kitchen especially when this one was still working perfectly well.

I can work from a few good pictures and provide an accurate quote for most kitchen refurbishments and am more than happy to pop round to talk through the whole process and colours before work starts.

My first procedure is always going to be laying protection down and masking everything that I need to. After this it is time to start
cleaning, I have to say that this kitchen was particularly clean and didn’t take much effort. But it is always good practice and my preferred cleaner is Krud Kutter’s Gloss Off * this is a really good cleaner and wax remover but is primarily for preparing hard surfaces for painting, and it really does work! you can feel the difference under the brush.


This project also gave me the opportunity to try out my new Fox
brushes * a little more on that later though. With the cleaning finished it is time to sand everywhere that is to be painted, I’ve missed using my sander over the last year while I was working away and now I have the opportunity to work with it again, it really makes a difference. Just being able to sand away and not have a cloud of dust around you makes the area that much nicer to work in.




My usual routine of using an adhesion primer followed by filling and patching, filling and patching, undercoating and finishing off with two top coats gave the ho
me owners something to really talk about, the finish was better than they imagined and was ready to surprise the family.


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