With the spring months approaching, they are, really they are. People start looking to the external of their property and one area that does require maintenance are wooden windows. While poorly fitting windows can be draughty, lack of maintenance can cause rot and dry window putty fall out, there are remedy and repairs for all aspects of wooden window frames.

Linseed paint restoration

Last year we worked on a nice project to refurbish the windows and doors of this listed property in Newport. During the initial meeting the client mentioned the use of linseed oil paint and having previously used this externally at St Fagans Museum and at a Carmarthenshire Farmhouse, we were happy to continue.

There are a number of different companies selling Linseed Paint, this time we used Holkham Linseed Paint now known as Linseed Paint & Wax Co. From previous experience I’ve found that linseed paint works best when used from bare timer.

Paint and varnish removal


We stripped the window frames and doors of their existing coating using a infrared speed heater, this keeps the temperature low, avoids breaking the glass and also softens the linseed putty for easy removal and replacement.

Linseed paint door restoration




The first coat of warm linseed oil penetrates into the wood and when it is followed by 2/3 coats of linseed paint, you can see the change with each coat developing more sheen.

Allowing the paint to dry over night, it is especially important to apply thin thin coats, even if it is slightly too thick the paint will skin, wrinkle and you wont be able to touch it for a week. I like to adopt a two brush system, a dedicated angled cutting in brush with a fine tip, used on the glazing bars. Along with a flat version for the rest of the frame.

decayed window frame


There were also a few window repairs to be carried out at the same time. The beauty of working with wooden window frames is that they can be easily repaired especially when the Repair Care system is used.

restored window sill

This window frame suffered from severe rot and woodworm to the sill.

Using a seasoned oak from a local salvage yard we replaced the sill and  and bedded it in with repair care resin.

Window frame repairsWindow Frame Repairs with Resin





This softwood window was not as severe and you can see that only part of the sill was required to be replaced.

Again we bedded the timber in with repair care and decorated as normal leaving a seamless finish.

If you need advice or repair work on your external joinery then please do get in touch. Replacing windows and doors can get very costly our Repair Care restorations come with a 10Yr gurantee 

Get in touch on 01792 885173 of course there is also our email, get in touch with us at mail@welshheritagedecor.co.uk

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

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