Where would a tradesman be without his tools and thankfully there are people out there questioning what is on the shelves and developing new tools that we can now not live without. The Go-Paint range of kettles, pourers, and brush keepers is something that has caught my eye.

different paint kettles

Clockwise from top right – Wooster Pelican, Paint & Go tin with liner, Clean & Go storage, Spare liner, Roll & Go liner

I’ve mostly used plastic kettles for my everyday work especially the Wooster Pelican, so the Go-Paint metal kettle with a plastic liner initially seemed a little strange, but once I started using it I could see the benefit and its strongest point in my opinion changing the liner. This is something that can also be achieved with the Wooster Pelican which also has a liner, but when the pelican liner is removed it can be quite unstable and can fall easily, spilling paint and causing damage.

The Pelican does have the added feature of using a 4 inch roller built at the same time, Go Roll of addressed this with another liner that has a vertical paint tray. While this is useful it does take up a lot of space so only a limited amount of paint can be held. It also lacks a magnetic brush holder like the Pelican and with the limited space using a brush and roller simultaneously is a bit of a juggling act.

Roll & Go supports itself easily

Roll & Go supports itself easily

The liner can also be used without the outer metal tin with its own handle that can store store a 4 inch roller. Hilderling suggest you can store your roller overnight with this system with their supplied lid.

Now the brusk keeper they have is of interest, since switching over to waterborne paints my BrushMate sits in the shed. Water based paints have big points over oil but having to clean them out every night isn’t one of them, this does help. I’ve used this for a while and quite like it for short term use, then cleaning brushes fully after a couple of days a week at the most.

Hanging the brushes vertically helps, but of course you really have to get rid of all the excess water before using them. I find a quick spin in a clean 5 litre tin does the job.

Water based brush mate

Waterbased brush storage is great help when warm and dry weather finally comes to the UK

I see the biggest bonus of this system is actually daily storage, lunch time, waiting to recoat (while you crack on with sometime else of course) and travelling home leaves time for paint to dry and slowly clog up my favourite brush. But this relieves that, and will do no end in the scorching summer months that we have!

In case your wondering, in the brush holder are two brushes that I am quite impressed with, a 2″ Wooster Silver Tip and 2″ Corona Cody, but more on that later.

By Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

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