We are not joking when we say that Lincrusta has high durability, there are countless examples dating back into the nineteenth century. But accidents do happen and repairs are sometimes needed, unfortunately not all the pattern rollers survive and a historic pattern would cost thousands to hand engrave a new steel roller with the original design.

Lincrusta Dado

Small chipped area can be repaired with a skilled hand but Lincrusta have developed a Restoration Kit ideal for restoring damaged designs in repeats up to 1 square metre and for wall areas up to 20 square metres.

Made from a Plaster-of-Paris compound, this allows the damaged design to be replicated exactly without damaging the existing surface and we can also decorate it to match perfectly, whilst being flexible enough to be used on curved as well as flat walls and ceilings – a great way to preserve a great product for future generations.

For more information on the Restoration Kit or if you have any examples of historic Lincrusta feel free to send us some snaps, please get in touch with us at mail@welshheritagedecor.co.uk

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor.

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