This lovely house located in the quiet Welsh countryside of Carmarthenshire has been one of the most enjoyable traditional painting projects to date. The quality of materials and craftsmanship throughout has worked right through to the end product. Its no wonder that ‘Goetre’ was featured in The World of Interiors.

I was approached initially by Hilton Marlton for the priming of the new windows being made for the property. It wasn’t long after that we had a meeting with Jessica and Jamie Seaton who owned this old farmhouse discussing the option for a lead like finish on the windows to compliment the limewash. (we used Potmolen Linseed Oil Paint)

From there on, we advised and carried out the decorative scheme throughout the house. Using a variety of finishes from limewash and casein distemper to gesso and chalk paint we mixed all colours by eye on site, everything had a traditional hand brushed finish.

In the ‘Blue Bedroom’ we distempered the walls with a base colour and washed over the top with pigment provided by Nutshell Natural Paints. We are experienced with hand finishing kitchens and the unique kitchen unit was a reclaimed lab unit and finished with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and over waxed with different shades to provide protection and a slight patina.

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by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

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