Traditional stone built houses should be cared for slightly differently if you want them to be kept in best condition. You can read some details on our Traditional Decorating service page but to summarize the most important factor is to allow the buildings to ‘breathe’.

Constructed with lime mortar and finished with lime plaster/render, Limewash is the perfect finish for your traditional home. But it does need to be maintained as it weathers, how often depends on how severe the weather is around the building. A coat of limewash every year is the general rule, but often sheltered walls can go 2 or 3 years before needing to be redecorated and exposed areas will benefit from 2 coats. The building will tell you what is needed as the paint weathers

A beautiful addition to limewash is Linseed Oil Paint. A very basic paint it compliments the texture and finish of limewash perfectly. In the video above we finished the windows and doors in a Linseed Oil Primer to give a flat finish, although a Gloss would have ‘dulled’ over time as it weathers.

Like the Limewash, Linseed Oil Paint needs to be maintained slightly differently to your conventional paint. As it weathers, pigment is exposed and the colour changes slightly, new wood will need to be puttied up and touched in if any joints open over the next few years, so make sure you keep the leftover paint. I would recommend an additional coat on exposed areas but for the most part a thin coat of warmed linseed oil will refresh the surface and give you a rich colour again. This can be carried out when necessary.

This system isn’t just for new windows either, it can be applied to existed windows but a complete removal of the exiting coating is advised. We make this simpler by using safe and fast methods of paint removal at the same time fixing problem sash windows to give the benefit that they were made for.

If your interested in a maintenance schedule for your traditional property or in any of the products or services described, get in touch and we’ll work with you to keep your home looking and working its best.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

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