Every once in a while you notice your little stock pile getting lower and lower. You can either wait untill the last minute when you’re ‘running on empty’ or take the bull by the horns and commit yourself the one of the essentials of business.

Business cards of course!

Over the years I have had a couple from the bog standard one on the top left, used when I first started and served the purpose well. Printed by a local guy but severly uninspiring, they were discarded pretty soon. Next I had some printed up at the same time as when the van was signwritten, matched perfectly, bit more colorful but I ran out quite quickly and they were expensive for the quantity I had.

So I visited Vistaprint as a lot of people do and uploaded my own design and made up a back to the card. Pretty good I thought, and they have served me well over the last couple of years, I think I should have got them with a glossy finish but then the back would have been different. Business cards can say a lot about you and how you work and its really important to make every impression a good one.

I also thought that it might be a good idea to get some printed up with just the website, to encourage some curiosity and get people to see what can be done. It also helped to introduce the name of Welsh Heritage Decor and aid the transition.

So with the change of business name from Pontarddulais Decorating Services to Welsh Heritage Decor, it was time to get some new cards. I had heared about MOO.COM so after taking a look made up a design and ordered 10 free cards to see what the quality was like.

First off I used the recycled paper stock on the free cards and was really impressed with the quality, smoothness, thickness and print finish. It really looked like quality paper, so I ordered a stack straight away. If your familiar with designing your business cards on-line than you wont have a problem here, front and back printing is included in the cost and there is also ‘Printfinity’. This is where you can select a number of different back (or front if thats your outlook) images for your cards, perfect to showcase your previous work, products, employees, faux finishes maybe? and almost something that I opted for but couldn’t spend the time deciding on what photographs to use (next time MOO, promise).

So take a look, order the free samples cards (even the postage is free) and I’m sure you’ll be convinced, I was.

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