Sometimes a client will ask for a product that we have not used before and sometimes not heard of. kt.COLOR is a highly specialised manufacturer of fine paints for interiors, located near Zurich. They use pure artists pigments to create 106 colours and have exclusive rights to manufacture the original Le Courbusier colours. After finding some information, we saw no reason not to use the paint, in fact we were quite excited to see and sample the material. Unfortunately the paints or not stocked in the UK and they had to be imported from their German distributor which took some extra time.
The actual paint applied extremely well and from the moment you took the lid off the pot you could tell there was quality in the tin. The finish is extremely flat, even the ‘satinee’ was comparable to a more flat finish than usual but still quite durable. But any kind of shine would really have killed the colour and interest of the finish.
The project was a pleasure to work on although the first few of days were spent sanding every surface as there had been a very rough rolled surface left behind by previous decoration. We also needed to get back to the original shadow gap which had been filled and painted in over the years, also strip back all the hinges as they had been painted over also. We used peelaway to take the paint off the hinges which worked perfectly, stripping the paint off in a couple of hours. Fortunately the was not much on there to start with. The shadow gap took a little more work as in some places it had been filled and needed to be scraped, while in others the bottom of the wall was crumbling away and needed repair.
The colours transformed the apartment and created a very relaxing and enjoyable work and living area. Hopefully you agree also, should you need any decorative work carried out in the South Wales area then get in touch at our website
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