It is certainly that time of year where everything seems to come at once, weather, garden, work! Its good to keep busy but sometimes a struggle to fit everything in, like posting a blog. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sorting out storage in the garden for work supplies and to keep things generally tidy, now I am not a builder but with the wonderful help of the internet am quite happy with what has been achieved. Not fully complete yet and there is still the time to get the contents organised but things are coming along nicely, if not sometimes stressful. How I have managed to compile such a vast quantity of bits’n’bobs, half tins of paint, of cuts of various woods and tools that are yet to be used (but I’m sure they will come be handy at some point).

Its more complete that the picture and even has a door and window, but I shall post a little more when its fully furnished and painted.
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