Recently we had the opportunity to work on this listed residential building in Llandeilo. Everything needed coating from the gutters to the render.

The current condition was not perfect, flaking paint, some rotten window sills and the lime
render hadn’t been touched in years. We scraped, rubbed back, filled where possible and had a local joiner to repair the areas that were too badly damaged. Once everything was ready it was all coated up in Dulux Weathershield tinted in ‘Chive’ and ‘Lizard’ to give a traditional feel. The render needed some attention as the was some organic growth on the south west side and repairs around some doors. Everything was cleaned down and prepared for the finish two coats of Beeck’s Silicate Mineral paint, this allowed

the lime render to breathe as modern masonry paints were not suitable. The railing were cleaned with a wire brush primed, undercoated and glossed, with a little gilding to bring out some detail.

Finally the gutters were sealed along the joints with three coats of bitumen to stop them from leaking. The finished product has taken many hours and has been an valuable experience to work on.
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