During a SPAB technical day at the Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, I sat quietly listening to the fascinating speakers on welsh architecture, traditions, roofing, walling and individuals projects. Only to come to the conclusion that although most of the people here were singing from the same hymn book, there was not a lot of communication between everyone.

Coming away at the end of the day and I found that to get in touch with these like minded people was nigh on impossible. We might belong to the same organisations like the SPAB and Building Limes Forum but communication between members was slow at best. So I created the Welsh Heritage Forum online to try and gather a community and encourage some talk.

I did debate about the name, maybe it should have been it more open to regional culture throughout the UK, but did really want to connect the welsh community that is here and knowledgeable. Of course if someone from Kent wishes to open discussions about anything from the proposed high speed rail track to the impending job cuts then it is all welcome.

So I offer this invitation to all, should you be working on a project, need some tips or just want to see whats going on click the link, sign up and spread the word about www.welshheritageforum.com

Unfortunatly due to the lack of use of the forum it is going to be discontinued, but should anyone which to get in touch with me about reinstating it then I will be happy to look into it again as I still believe it could be a helpful tool to connect people.
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